Woven from black ash and sweet grass, this is an Iroquois basket. It would be perfect for your knitting or crocheting. It measures 8" tall and 7" across with a nice handle all hand woven.
Sells for $125.00

This red died Iroquois basket is hand woven by Sally Martin, Mohawk. This is a strawberry basket to remind us of Spring and the promise of the Creator that as long as the wild strawberries grow, man will be safe. This basket is 5" tall and 5" across.
Sells for $250

Three Iroquois pin cushions hand woven with sweet grass and ash. They measure 3" in diameter.
They sell for $20 Each


The eagle represents great strength to the Native American. The eagle is also a messenger to the Creator. Carefully woven of bear grass, yucca and devil's claw (black), it was made by a Tohono O'Odham (papago) Indian from southern Arizona. 7" tall and 10" wide at the top.
Sells for $270


Very nicely woven plate featuring the turtle. This authentic piece of American Indian art was made on the Papago Reservation in Southern Arizona. The inner coils are made from bear grass; the white and green colors come from the desert yucca and the black is stripped from the pod of the devil's claw plant. The plate is 10" long and 7" wide.
Sells for $75


Julius Lewis has done a great job weaving this pictorial basket of a Papago Indian harvesting fruit from the saguaro cactus. The basket is 3" deep and 7" across the top.
Sells for $120


Handwoven basket by Lorita Cruz. This is a finely woven basket from the yucca and bear grass and an exceptional amount of devil's claw for the eagle and star design around. The plate is 9 1/2" in diameter.
Sells for $240


Handwoven by Irene Antone, this star basket is very tightly woven.
This basket is 10" in diameter with a 2" depth.
Sells for $240


This is a small Navajo wedding basket. Tightly woven, it measures 5 1/2" in diameter with a 1" depth.
Sells for $50


A small Papago basket but nicely woven. 4 1/2" in diameter and 1 1/2" deep.
Sells for $25


Bernadine Moreaco helped Grandmother spider weave her web on this basket.
It is mostly green bear grass with the hint of yucca for the web and a spider of devils claw.
The basket is 9" in diameter.
Sells for $115


A nicely lidded basket by Mary Luna, Tohono O'Odham. The bear grass and yucca are tightly woven to accent the figures woven from devil's claw. This basket measures 5 3/4" tall and 5 1/2" at the widest part.
Sells for $125


You can almost feel the swirl of the flower through the weaving of this bear grass and yucca basket. It was woven by Margie Juan, Tohono O'Odham.
The basket/plate measures 12 1/2" diameter.
Sells for $125


An interesting oval yucca basket design woven by Connie Francisco.
The basket measures 12" long, 10 3/4" wide and 3" deep.
Sells for $195


Mary Antone wove this fine Friendship basket of bear grass, yucca and devil's claw. The figures are very well executed to accent the large star in the center.
The basket measures 10 3/4" in diameter, 2" deep.
Sells for $450


The most beautiful basket in this collection -- The American Flag by Peggy Black, Navajo. It is the perfect addition to a collection of Native American baskets. It is 15" in diameter and the edge depth is 8" to the center.
The colors of the stars and strips are vibrant in deep red, white and blue.
The American Flag is priced at $1500


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