"We carry handmade sterling silver and 14kt gold jewelry in all price ranges. The greatest achievement in jewelry making has been the transition from craft to fine art. Below are examples of fine art jewelry."

Large natural green turquoise stone pin/pendant by Allison Lee, Navajo. The pendant loop is detachable so you can wear it as a very beautiful pin. Heavy sterling silver zig zag design is quite nice as it shows off the beauty of the stone.
Measures 2 1/2" across by 2" deep, 1" loop.
Sells for $700.00

Sterling silver and natural Morenci turquoise bolo by Leonard Nez, Navajo. Great silver work by Leonard Nez to accent this beautiful stone. Hand made tips; the tips measure 2" while the bolo is 2 1/4" long and 2" wide.
Sells for $560

Exquisite reversible cross necklace by Smokey Gchachu, Zuni. If you know Smokey's work, you know the chain is all hand made and measures 20 1/2" long. The cross is 2 3/4" long. One side of the cross is set with four large, hand sculpted pieces of turquoise while the reverse side is all sterling silver inlaid with silver balls.
An outstanding piece for $550.


Heavy sterling silver bracelet with a double built bezel for the natural Morenci turquoise. Handmade by Leonard Nez, Navajo. It fit's a 6" to 6 1/2" wrist and
sells for $390.

Beautifully crafted sterling silver pendant with natural Morenci turquoise by Leonard Nez, Navajo. Measures 2" long and 1 1/2" across with a heavy 1" loop.
Sells for $375.

Honoring our father the sun, this Hopi bracelet is deeply etched on heavy sterling silver. Bruce Hodgins designed this bracelet with the mountains, clouds, rain and sun, all the elements of the Creator. Each sun face measures 3/4". It will fit a 6 - 7" wrist very well.
Sells for $300.

Bear paws with prayer feathers is the design of this bracelet and pendant. The deeply etched design made in silver overlay is the true Hopi technique. Designed by Bruce Hodgins, this sterling silver bracelet would fit a 6-7" wrist, the pendant is 2" long and sterling silver chain to round out the outfit is 22" long. $575. If you want individual pieces, the bracelet is $360; pendant with chain $225

Chain sells for $575.
Bracelet sells for $360.
Pendant with Chain for $225.

"Man in the Maze" is the title of this design. The generic "man's" life cycle going through a maze during his or her life, This beautiful pendant can be worn by a man or woman, with a handmade chain by Barry Tawalongua. "The pendant measures 2" long.
Sells for $330.

Kendrick Lomayestewa, Hopi learned the art of silversmithing from his father Charles. Here he has created five sun kachinas dancing at ceremonial. It is authentic silver overlay with a handmade chain. The necklace measures 22" long and can be adjusted at the back hook and eye clasp.
Sells for $750.

The uniquely beautiful silver jewelry made by Native Americans of the southwestern United States has been widely known and admired for the past hundred years. The Hopi people of northern Arizona have developed a distinctive style. Here are a few examples of their work.
Overlay, as used in Hopi silverwork, is basically a piece of silver with a design cut out of it--a negative design. This is the principle of the overlay technique--the silver that is left after the design has been cut out of it is the part used. This piece is soldered onto a sheet of plain silver and the inside of the design oxidized to show up black against the polished silver.

This beautiful butterfly maiden pin/pendant shows the incredible silver workmanship of the artist who worked at the Hopi Guild. It is signed by the artist. The piece measures 3 1/2" across and 3" wide.
Sells for $275.

Myron Sekakuku, Hopi, designed this pin of a kachina dancing at ceremonial. It is a beautifully crafted silver overlay. The pin measures 2" long and 1/2" to 1" in width.
Sells for $190.

The power and strength of the eagle is defined in this pin/pendant by Mark Towahungva, Hopi. The technique of silver overlay in very evident in the way he has designed the eagle. It measures 2 1/2" long with the loop and 1" - 1 1/4" wide.
Sells for $195.

Loren Sakeva Qumawunu designed this kachina mana pin/pendant. The silver overlay accents the mask of the kachina. This measures 1 3/4" long and 1" wide.
Sells for $105.

Jessie Joseytewa, Hopi has created an incredible sterling silver overlay bracelet with 14kt gold kokopellis dancing on the front. The kokopelli are dancing with their flutes and large corn plants. It is a full one inch wide bracelet that easily fit's a 7 - 7 1/2" wrist.
It is a great bracelet for $1200.

Orville Tsinnie, Navajo is an award winning artist. We have known Orville for at least 25 years. He is featured at Native American art shows throughout the southwest. Orville lives in Shiprock, NM and includes that with his signature on the back of the bracelet. This is a signature bracelet that he makes of solid sterling silver enhanced with 14kt gold balls and bezel for the carico lake turquoise. The center stone is 1 1/4" long and 1" wide.
It sells for $960.

Classic Zuni petti point turquoise bracelet by J. S. Bellson, Zuni. Very heavy sterling silver for a Zuni bracelet to hold all the hand cut stones. With a ring to match, size 61/2.
The bracelet measures 1 3/4" for the center medallion, tapering to 1 1/2" for the accent pieces on each side.
This set sells for $550.

The huge 14kt gold eagles are hand carved to accent this equally huge turquoise stone. Naturally carved in the corner of the stone is an eagle in flight. The bracelet is small to fit a woman's wrist tightly. It has five heavy sterling silver bands to hold the bracelet together.
Created by Hermann Van devere, Navajo
Sells for $2500.

Wide cuff sterling silver bracelet by Hermann Van devere, Navajo. Several petroglyph designs are highlighted on this 1 1/2" wide bracelet. Three natural turquoise pieces are well set with individual bezels. There are two large pieces of coral on either side of the cuff. It fit's a 5-6" wrist nicely.
Sells for $450.

Leonard Nez, Navajo made this large 1 1/2" wide sterling silver cuff bracelet. Hand cut designs are well constructed. May be worn by a large woman or man fits a 7-8" wrist.
Sells for $450.

Fossilized dinosaur bone is the focal point of this heavy sterling silver bracelet by Orville Tsinnie, Navajo.
It fit's a 6-6 1/2" wrist.
Sells for $600.

L. Bruce Hodgins has fashioned this red coral cab with the strength of the eagle feather with all the prayers attached. The pin measures 3 1/2" long and the coral cab is 1/2" long. The swirls and steps to the creator are very nicely executed.
This pin sells for $345.

Loren Qumawunu, Hopi, has created this sterling silver overlay pin pendant. It measures 2" in diameter. It is a beautifully hand cut kokopelli playing his flute and dancing over the pueblo. Steps to the creator asking for rain with swirls of wind and lightning add to the overall design.
This pin sells for $210.

Joe Joseytewa, Hopi has captured the beauty of the man in the maze design on the double sided pendant. The reverse is a three-legged bear with pueblo designs. It has a unique bail that allows the pendant to reverse by itself. It measures 2" in diameter, very heavy sterling silver overlay.
Sells for $625.

This hand designed sterling silver pendant was created by Leonard Nez, Navajo.
Leonard set the King Manasa turquoise stone with a fine line double bezel. The pendant measures 2" long, with a 1" loop and 1 3/4" wide.
Sells for $350.

A pair of the most unusual earrings we have. Mike and Jackie Torivio created their unique pottery designs on earrings. The turtle shell design is fashioned from clay and porcelain. They are 1" long and 3/4" wide.
Sells for $85.

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